Monday, 28 March 2011


Ran the Forest of Dean half marathon yesterday. 2h12, bit slower than I'd have liked. I blame my knee. It started hurting a mile and a half in. I mulled it over and thought, either turn round and walk mile and a half back to start or keep running for another 11.5 miles. I kept going. There was a picnic waiting at the finish!

I think the physio is going to have to be visited this week. I'm hoping it's just a really tight ITB yanking my knee cap into a hurty spot. I've had that before and I know it's sortable....... Fingers crossed.


Julbags said...

Well done for finishing, crossing the line to that picnic must have felt great. Sending you healing vibes for your knee, hope the physio sorts it out for you.

KatieCake said...

The mere thought of running even 1.5 miles makes me feel tired... so well done on doing another 11.5 miles with a sore knee.

BTW Hope that the physio has some good news for you so that you can keep up the good work. =D

Emma said...

well done :-)
hope the knee stops being hurty - you've an OCT to do haven't you??! ;-)

kate said...

the things people will do for pasties ;) hope the physio works her magic.