Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hello 2011!

Happy New Year and all that jazz. There are no resolutions being made here, just plans for adventures. The two most in the front of my mind right now that will require some training are HPM and HONC. Both are entered with friends. Running, riding, friends. Add to those some homebaked bread, the odd slice of cake, an occasional wee dram and bit of travel to exciting places and I reckon 2011 will be a good 'un!


trio said...

HONC should be fab. Hadn't realised entries were out yesterday or I may have been tempted!

Hope you keep bloggin about your training and let me know if you fancy some cross rides.

KatieCake said...

Cake and friends? What a perfect plan. [Not too sure about the running and cycling races though... they sound like hard work.] ;-)

Happy New Year!

kate said...

sounds like perfect training for the fling ;)

looking forward to joining you on some fun times.

jumbly said...

@trio - yes please to some cross rides.

@katie - happy new year to you too. Hope you have a good year of riding.

@kate - I'll pencil you in for some training runs.

Simon said...

Happy New Year!

I appear to be doing HONC. I might have to actually start riding a bike again soon :)