Friday, 7 January 2011

Big one

There's been some running this week, not big miles, but hey, at least the trainers have been on. I've been trying to watch the calorific intake a bit too, with varying degrees of success, hobnobs are just so tricky to say no to. I have yet to pedal my bike or go to the gym, and they are on the list of things I need to do.

Tomorrow though, is a big one, I'm getting my kit together for it now, map, compass, waterproofs. All of team marathon-schmarathon are meeting up to recce the first chunk of The HPM. I haven't tried to run up a hill since sometime about the middle of last year. I think it will hurt.


Simon said...

Best of luck :)

kate said...

what's pain? it's weakness hughes, you hear me! weakness leaving the body ....then we'll have some cake.

Pink Orange 5 said...

Hope it was a good one, the weather wasn't too unkind