Thursday, 8 April 2010

Recovery pedal

Not quite 30 miles of fixie riding into Manchester with Trio. Has done my legs the world of good. And it didn't rain. I love my bike. Like a doofus I forgot to take any pictures.


kate said... maybe if i had a fixie my legs would recover better from runs...

jumbly said...

Works for me!

Red Bike said...

I wish riding fixed worked for me.

Spinning at a million rpm down the hills always has my legs aching for days.

trio said...

Ahh red you are doing it wrong, we were on a flat road!

I didn't take any pictures either Jumbly! But then I didn't have cake either!

Look forward to the next ride, maybe not into Manchester this time though.

jumbly said...

Red - Yep, Trio has said it all. Fixies are for flat rides. Freewheels, gears, these are the things for hills!

Trio - maybe the coast?

Red Bike said...

I have a fixed ride to Southport planned as soon as I have the time. It wont be this weekend, maybe the weekend after.

I'm still gutted about riding 200+miles to the sea last weekend only to find there was no beach or chips or, or anything sea-side like! Just some wrotten ferry terminal.

jumbly said...

Red - Holyhead is a ferry port, not the seaside! You should have stopped at Llandudno on the way, that's got all the proper seaside stuff. There's tonnes of amazing beaches on Anglesey too.

Personally I think there are much nicer bits of coast than Southport to ride to from where you are.

Red Bike said...

My plan was to ride from Holyhead to one of the campsites over-looking a beach on Anglsey. (Or maybe even wild camp in the forest by the beach). However, it was far too windy to even think about pitching a tent, which is why I ended up catching the train off the island.

Where do you recommend?
I'm after a long but FLAT ride.

BTW: I have a 19t fixed wheel sprocket i've been meaning to post to you for ages. Keep reminding me. I'm useless!