Wednesday, 7 April 2010

In the bag

It nearly went wrong, emergency plan B was put into action, a different route quickly scrolled through the head. More tarmac than desirable though.

But the 20 miler is in the bag. It bloody hurt though. The first 11 miles were easy, the next 7 were brutal, the last 2 were pure agony. The face of pain came into play.

But, it's done. I can now enjoy the taper to race day. I now realise I can make my body continue forward for at least 9 miles when it really doesn't want to. And, I know it's beyond stupid to not take a drink on a long run in the sunshine. Dehydration was a factor in the misery.


trio said...

20miles without a drink???

The marathon will be fine now! Enjoy the taper!

Red Bike said...

Very very impressive.
At this rate the marathon is going to seem easy in comparison!

jumbly said...

Trio - I ran a figure 8 route, the idea being to pause at home for a drink. Trouble was it was just too hot to wait until the mid-point and then hope I could take on enough fluid.

Red - I don't know, 6 more miles seems a lot more!

kate said...

excellent! you've done brilliantly at sticking/tweaking and getting the plan to work-dead impressed :)