Thursday, 4 March 2010

Braking eggs

Run club last night. I've written a few sentences about it for the club website so if you're interested it's here... yes, indeed, a blatant attempt to drive some web traffic towards the all improved Lostock AC site!

Had a little "essential grocery items only" pedal out to Sainsbury's today, first ride on the Pompino with the new flat bars and e-lever brake set up. Felt very different, especially when out of the saddle working a bit harder. The jury is still out! Despite the over-all success of the longest fettle in history I think next time I'm passing a friendly bike shop I might have to get them to just check the brakes over. They work, I could stop, but not quite as fast as I'd like when carrying eggs and having a people carrier revers towards me.


trio said...

So how did you find standing up? I like my hoods for that. Does it seem to fit better?

Where is Sainsbury's from you? I am assuming you don't mean the Bolton one?

Emma said...

ahhh - I checked out the new site the other day...looks sooooo much better!

nowt wrong with a bit of that a word?!

jumbly said...

trio - I think it'll just take a while to get used to having my hands 90 deg diff and a bit closer together. It felt good when sat down, and a little wobbily when stood. But the Sainsburys in Horwich and back prob wasn't enough distance to really get a feel.

Emma - yeah it looks better doesn't it?

kate said...

the eggs survived though?

jumbly said...

kate - no eggs were harmed in the making of the this blog.