Friday, 5 March 2010


Marathon training

I planned an 18 miler again today. I had to quit at 12.5. Something weird was pulling in the top of my leg. Painful. Better I thought to not risk a proper injury. Ease back a bit. I have plenty of time to get another 18 or 20 miler in before the marathon. The 1671ft of climbing may have played a part. The mast road was the killer. Hills, why do we run them? Because they're there!


trio said...

Physio time? You have to expect the odd tweak marathon training unfortunately!

You ran up the mast road, hard work! I cycled it on tuesday, I hate the bottom section I was close to pushing!

kate said...

hope you lady can work her magic-good decision. plenty of time for another big one.

jumbly said...

I think I'm just over-due a good sports massage to stretch all the tight muscles back out.

Red Bike said...

18miles flat would be VERY impressive.

Go jumbly go!