Friday, 5 February 2010

Skip it

I'll skip the long whingey list about how come I didn't run as my commute today. I drove again which is shite. I need to get it together for some runs and rides to and from the studio. Anyway, I ran when I got in, 3 tarmac miles, mostly dull. But keeping me on track for the week. The long one again tomorrow. I've got some new energy drink to try. Exciting!


trio said...

It's habit, once you get used to cycling you forget about getting in a car. That is what I have found. If not in the habit the car just seems the way to do it.

Julbags said...

If I want to ride in I have to organise it all the night before otherwise it doesn't happen. Though I've been doing it that long I know exactly what I need to get ready. For me its a case of wake up, get bike kit on and go.

If I think about it too much I end up in the car.