Saturday, 6 February 2010

The long one

Long run again today. The first run of the year that I didn't wear a hat and windproof. 15.6 miles. Struggling for the last 3 or so miles, felt like I had plenty of energy to keep going, it was sore toes and knees starting to get to me. The first run where I've got home and actually felt in pain rather than just a bit achey. I'm relieved that the training plan has me easing back a notch next week before the next step up. 3 big weeks is taking it's toll on my legs. The new orbana energy drink was good, tasted like pineapple cubes, worked like magic. I'll definitely try it again.


trio said...

I was sore yesterday! I think it might have been our run! Still sore today. So glad you are suffering as you made it look easy! But it was my turn as I have the advantage of more bike miles when we ride!

Runningbear said...

Well done you, it'll make you even tougher for race day.. no pain no gain and all that. Good to hear you've got some ease down built in too. Look after those knees, RB.

kate said...

good work. can't believe you're not mentioning the recovery powers of radio2 though ;)

jumbly said...

trio - thanks for the symapthy!

RB - thanks.

kate - hehe! Thanks for mentioning it yesterday, made for a chilled out afternoon.

Red Bike said...

Wow. Very impressed!.

Apparently the Mars chocolate milkshake drink is better for aiding recovery that most of the specific recovery drinks on the mark.

I've no idea just how true this is but it sounds like a great excuse for a chocolate milkshake.