Sunday, 28 February 2010


Rest and recovery is an essential element of training. I took the rest aspect of this to the max yesterday. It was all about compression socks, feet up, DVD watching, rehydrating, snack making, afternoon nap taking and book reading.

Today was destined to be a 4 or 5 mile recovery jog with Flipper along for the easy and here we should note lead free trot. Instead we got a flat out, leg hurting, lung burning sprint. Shots fired in the fields the other side of the woods caused a total freak out in the worlds most gun shy hound. She just took off at full speed. With me in pursuit. Her four legged, adrenaline fuelled flight mechanism easily out paced my two legged lumbering. With some shouting I eventually managed to get her to stop before reaching the road. My windproof jacket had to be tangled and tied through her collar to act as makeshift lead with which she then proceeded to drag me back to the front door.

Some yum-yum chunks of meaty derivatives soon had her calmed down and a cup of tea did the same for me. The week finished a few miles shy of what I'd have liked to have done, but I think the unexpected speed work will make up for that.


KatieCake said...

Awwww... poor FlipperDog she must have been petrified to run off and leave you like that. I'm glad you managed to get her home without any extra incidents, you must have been franticly worried as you chased her.

Hope you have both now fully recovered from the trauma.

kate said...

glad to hear you both safe and recovered! what were they hunting?

jumbly said...

Katie - unfortunately it isn't the first time it's happened. She is ridiculously easily spooked.

kate - I suspect it was just a farmer getting rid of a few bunnies.

trio said...

I think I would have been joining flipper, how scary!

I have had a proper rest day today as well. The most active thing being a bath after which I put a fresh pair of PJ's on!

Red Bike said...

Poor Flipper.
What is that racing that you do with your dog called?

i wish I was fit enough to count a 5mile sprint as R&R.