Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fiasco fettling

My current trend for Monday rides didn't happen yesterday, but it was a day all about the bike. I finally decided to get round to swapping the drops off the Pompino and some flat bars on, 30 minutes of a job........ yeah right. 3 bike shop visits and 36 hours later and it's nearly right!

There have been 3 breaks from the fettle fiasco. One. A trip into the studio, the renovation work is all finally underway and I look set to be moving into my own studio space at the end of March. Two. A trail run in falling snow with Flipper. Three. The chip shop, fettling and bike shop visiting didn't leave room for grocery shopping.


kate said...

wot, no blood? poor show.

....good news on the studio :)

trio said...

No pics of the bike?

Which bike shop saved you?

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

didn't you cut yourself fettling at least once? blood blister?

Red Bike said...

New brakes as well as lever or was there a cunning way around it?

jumbly said...

kate , PP - fortunately I managed to avoid bloodshed or series personal injury.

trio - Merlin Cycles, walked in bought what I needed, straight out. No patronising attitude, no questions, no funny looks. There was also a last minute dash to dare I say it, Halfords for some brake cable after I managed to fray and unravel one, who thought steel could do that!

Red - cantis off, v brakes on. I thought I had all the bits already, until I started, hence numerous bike shop visits!