Thursday, 28 January 2010

The other side

The other side of the swap, 90 minutes running, passed very sedately this morning. The first 25 minutes gently with Glyn, I felt fine to keep going so did, just not very fast.

And. My race number for the marathon arrived in the post. I had a slight moment of "fuuuuck, so it's really real then" Then I thought about how my training has been going so far and I felt pretty good about my progress (at least on the running side, I need to get the good nutrition nailed down a bit more). Overall though, it's going OK and I'm looking forward to the event.


Red Bike said...

I'm sure you'll be fine.

I've no idea how many runners there are but 11 seems like a really low number.

You obviously must be one of the quick ones.

jumbly said...

350 runners. I think 11 indicates I entered as quickly as I could, it's my main training aim of the year, I'd have been a bit gutted to have not got in.

trio said...

There was me thinking there were only 11 of you crazy enough to sign up!

Thunder In The Night said...

11! Or as the kids in my kindergarten class call it "Eleventy-one". Pin the number up on the bathroom mirror to be reminded everyday day why you're training!

Runningbear said...

That's so exciting. Loving the build up blogging and well done Glyn too. Keep the faith :)