Sunday, 17 January 2010


Ah, training hiccup. This weekend hasn't gone to plan. The long run was on the agenda for yesterday, but instead I had coffee and cake with evilgordon, cycleslikeagirl and minxgirl and then tackled the M5/M6 to get home. I figured it would be OK to leave the run until today, and then I woke up with a monster headache, paracetomol and migraine tablets had little effect, and I still feel a bit fuzzy even now. No running for me :0(

It's very early in the plan, a day missed is not a disaster, anybody can be ill for one day. I will not allow this little hiccup to put me off course.


Julbags said...

You'll be fine, mara is months away. I had all sorts of rejigging of long runs, even quite close and still got round. Do you have an intermediate, closer goal in mind?

Hope your head is better tomorrow.

Catering Supplies said...
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Red Bike said...

I hope you recover soon.

jumbly said...

Julbags - leg of P-Bridleway relay race on Jan 31st, Winter Hill - is it 9th Feb? and Bratislava Half Mara on March 28th. So enough long enough races to keep me going.

Red - thanks, feel a lot better today.