Monday, 18 January 2010

Don't forget to pedal

Last night I flopped the flippable wheel on the rear of the Pompino to be ready for a fixie ride with Trio today. The ride out to Tesco to meet up reminded me that I've never really got on with the Mungo bars on the bike when I can't freewheel, so our first stop was the bike shop for some new bars and tape for me. Home for some tinkering, thanks to Trio for the lesson in bar taping!
Then we headed out again to Wheelton for a pub lunch at The Dressers Arms, fishfinger sandwiches, chips and a pint. Then back into Chorley to check out the new bike shop, then back to mine for hot chocolates. A ride of true athletes. I only had one moment of forgetting to pedal, so a pretty successful fixie ride. First ride of the year for me too!


kate said...

great stuff. i had my first ride yesterday but it was to work so doesn't count! don't for get the running ;)

Red Bike said...

I'm not too sure of what to make of the Mungo bars either.

I love the fact the drops arn't as low but I can't get a comfortable had position on the tops.

I've also found out Mungo bars are too wide to go through those motorcycle barriers they have all the way along the paths I use.

jumbly said...

kate - it might only be work and back but at least the fat leg is now functioning. I won't forget the running. Runs are distributed on Tues-Sun with appropriate gaps, Mondays are for pedals.

Red - I like my mungos, I just don't think they're right when I'm riding fixed, I end up feeling like I'm not really in control of either the front or back of the bike!