Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Running and pastry

Run club AGM this evening so planned to meet Adrian at 6.30 so we could still get a decent run in before the meeting. More or less did the 2 lads fell race route, about 5.5 miles. Threatened to snow but came to nothing. A really good steady run.

The AGM was most amicable. Pasties after, meaning I have possibly eaten my body weight in pastry this week. I might have to run again tomorrow!


Pedalling Polarcherry said...

mmmmmm pie!
you must burn off way more than you eat so keep enjoying pastry

Tina Mammoser said...

Now there's a word combo you don't see often! Running AND pastry. Hoorah! (of course we cyclists know that cycling = cake reward but the rest of the world may be ignorant of that fact)

kate said...

have you sorted out which food based run you'll be doing in dec ;)