Friday, 20 November 2009

The Smoke

Back from a few days in London. Bit of work, bit of play. Attended the NFASP AGM. Took in the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the RA, well worth a visit. Shopping in the Marmite pop-up shop on Regent St and a quick nip into howies on Carnaby St. Some good food, good coffee. A chance to catch up with friends. Lots of fun.

Edit: Apologies to Kate. For all those needing Marmite. And a look at the Marmitulant goodness.

Marmite tower


kate said...

wot! no link to the marmite shop- i had to google that myself! worth the trip on its own

Pink Orange 5 said...

You know there is a big Marmite theif in Manchester, they must have taken it down to London. I was wondering why anyone would want to steal lots of Marmite !!