Saturday, 28 November 2009

Cross country slowness

Despite it giving me horrible flashbacks of running round a school playing field in pants, an airtex and plimsolls I turned out again today for cross country. I was pitifully slow, just couldn't seem to get going, only one moment of "glory" up a muddy bank where I cruised past another girl to look down and see her wearing road shoes, she predictably steamed past me 3 minutes later. Still, in a weird way it was fun. It will be a few hours before I warm up, beer and pizza are called for to assist with adding some internal glow. Then an early night as all being well, I'm fell racing tomorrow.


trio said...

Oddly enough I would like to give it a go.

But I am worried about being so much slower than everyone else!

Red Bike said...

Good luck with your fell run today. I still have no idea how you lot manage to run up (or down) these fells!

btw; I did my first race yesterday!- Yay!!