Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Running about in the dark

My first headtorch run of this autumn/winter. Just over 7 miles. Misty and rainy. Not cold. I kept an eye out for Trio who I knew was riding, didn't spot her, fortunately didn't spot any polar bears either, just a few deer. I felt a bit slow and stumbly, a little out of practice at trusting my feet to find the way rather than relying on my eyes. Another couple of runs and it'll all come back to me I'm sure. Home to vegetable cottage pie that I prepared earlier washed down with a beer. Ready for some sleep now.


trio said...

No polar bears for me either, I had the boys looking as well!

Red Bike said...

My running seems to have just stopped. I've got a 5k race in a week or two, I can do that on bike fitness can't I?

kate said...

definitely beats weds night tv-which i can confirm was rubbish ;)