Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A short ride please Trio

Met up with Trio to ride today, I explained it needed to be a shortish ride and take in a bike shop as I needed brake blocks, that fitted in with Trio as she had to be home for 2pm to meet Jon who was planning on stopping at Bolton as part of a long ride out. An email last night requesting meeting at 9.15 and that I come out on the cross bike, I quickly realised a gentle road spin to a bike shop and back wouldn't be happening and prepared myself for a Trio adventure.

A few miles of tarmac to Horwich for me this morning and that was more or less the last I saw of the black stuff. Trio had got a cracking route all mapped out taking in bits of bridleway and sustrans trails all the way to Cooksons in Whitefield. Stocked up on the bits I needed, oohed at some Trek and Lapierre bikes, restraint exercised by both myself and Trio, nothing needlessly purchased. Just as we were leaving Trio got a text from the ever early Jon asking if she wanted to meet for lunch, I explained I needed to get back as Flipper the dog was home alone, so we came up with a plan to meet Jon at a pub near my house so I could go home and be a dutiful dog owner and Trio could get her food in. Off we set taking in an equally scenic route back. Text from Jon to say he was now at the pub, we were still a good 30 minutes away, so we skipped a few bits of trail and got onto the tarmac to get to the pub via my house to collect Flipper.

40 miles on the bike, chat in the sunny pub garden, too much food and a beer all led to a need for an afternoon nap for me. As a result run club did not feature this evening, which was the reason for the initial request for a short ride. But, a nice ride out, and I had forgotten how much fun Trio adventures can be.


Red Bike said...

Nice to meet you again. Sorry I had to rush off, I was worried about getting back.

Shame Trio rides (for me) have been cancelled indefinately.

kate said...

half and half?

trio said...

Yes half and half!

you wanted to go to Cooksons, that is 7miles from my house, so even direct we were looking at 30miles probably!

Great ride, I love cross bikes!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

it sounds like you had a lovely day. wish i'd have been there instead of staring at my computer screen.

cross biking sounds v cool btw

jumbly said...

Jon - I'm sure Trio will find time to take you on an adventure :)

kate - good detective work, indeed, chicken curry with the ever yummy half and half. It was 2 courses for £6, baragain!

Trio - I was glad of the extra miles and the route was ace. It was one of those rides that reminded me why I love my bike.

P-Polarcherry - sorry to torment you with tales of weekday hi-jinks, maybe you could ring in with a sore throat one day and come with us. Cross-bikes are fun.