Saturday, 12 September 2009

Edale round two

Out with Kate, Jane and Chris in the searing heat today for round two of the Edale Skyline, the first and more demanding half of the route. A brief discussion in the Edale carpark before setting off as to how much water to carry, underestimations all round, this later proved a problem for me as The Peak District showed me I'm a puny wannabe and handed me my arse on plate.

The route is described nicely by Kate. By the time we reached Hope, my litre of water was down to the final dribbles, well before Loose Hill, I was struggling, my salvation came in the form of Kate's camelback as I parasitically plodded along beside her sucking away at the nuun flavoured loveliness it contained. Dehydration and feeling crap did away with any foolhardy dignity or pride on my account.

A welcome return to Edale for pints of coke and crisps, I passed on the pickled egg. The running was hard today, but the excellent company made up for the pain, and as always a lovely day out in the hills with friends.

Oh, and the photo was taken by Kate.


Julbags said...

I decided it was too hot to run today, good choice methinks. That and the fact I could barely scrape myself out bed this morning after frazzling myself riding in the Dales all day yesterday. (Pushing up onto Horsehead Moor - never again, the descent wasn't worth it)

kate said...

jumbly- i'm still a bit dehydrated but i don't think the 'recovery wine' helped too much! hope your knee's ok

Jane said...

I completely underestimated the whole thing. Garmin says yesterday was 11.7 miles and double the ascent of the second 'half'. And then there was the forecast for hot and sunny weather. It knackered me, had to stop on way home for recovery pasty and extra water then fast asleep by 10pm!

jumbly said...

Julbags - Sounds like you made the right choice. I twinged my knee too, so that's not looking too clever for the Rivi Half!

kate - I declined recovery wine and went instead for several pints of recovery tea.

jane - The no stopping on the way home rule was broken then? I just looked at the profile for yesterday and the climbs look just brutal on the graph as they were to actually get up. We'll have to do it again in cooler weather and see if we make the cut off.

Red Bike said...

Well done ladies. It was a very warm day!

That would make a long MTB ride over that terrain, never mind a run!

Red Bike said...

I bet there was no walking this time too.

I'm gutted i'm not fit enough for anything like that.

jumbly said...

Red - there was considerably more walking than running on my part!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

your run sounds ace. i've enjoyed reading your different styles of write ups for teh same day too.

handing your arse on a plate was my particular favourite ;)

nice one all involve, your hardcore

emmilou said...

Jumbly - good run, Southernsoftie and I went off round Pendle and he said you'd gone to edale, lovely part of the world. another Pendle plod this sunday if anybody fancies?? early start - 8am Barley carpark :-)

jumbly said...

Polarcherry - I felt far from hardcore as I was being destroyed by the hills and the heat. But thanks for thinking of me in that way!

Emm - I will try and make it out for a Pendle recce with you, the next few weekends are busy though. Be good to get shown round by someone very familiar with the route.