Saturday, 29 August 2009

Half a skyline

Met up with Jane this morning in a lay-by at Mam Nick in The Dark Peak to run the second half of the Edale Skyline race route. It was one of those runs where the cold and damp made us stop to dig out jackets and gloves, for the sun to then come out and it be hot enough to need to stop and take stuff off, and then ten minutes later need to put it back on again. Proper English four seasons in one day with some added high wind just to really add to the fun. The terrain is a mix of shoe-gulping peat bog and hard trail so it made for nice varied running and the route seemed over much quicker than either of us had anticipated. We got down into Edale after about 10 miles. A quick trip to the NT tea rooms for some coffee and cake and then a gentle couple of miles walk back to the cars for the drive home in the Bank Holiday traffic. Cracking start to the long weekend.


Jane said...

That was a good run, next time we will have to do the first half and see if we can make it to the cut off without being timed out. My legs are tired now though - much training needed before I could do the whole thing.

jumbly said...

Yep, let me know and we'll give the hilly half a go :0)

Red Bike said...

Hopefully one day I will be fit enough to join you on a run.

Going on my last run (walk?) this could be some time!

kate said...

i'm owed a slice of cake from that tea room, my past 2 visits it's been closed :(
definitely coming on the 'hilly half' to earn it!

Runningbear said...

I wish you'd stop flaunting your lovely runs at me! I feel like I'm missing out big time ;)
To top it all you've also tempted me with a fatal gadget purchase to keep my hooked on ice-cream for life. Can you really get a B&J recipe book? How do you make the the tiny poloar bears?

And you're right, hummus isn't freezer friendly. Rb.