Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Wigan and chips

OK Studios, of which I am an associate member, has a show coming up at the Drumcroon Gallery in Wigan, 20 July - August 14. The private view is this Friday evening so all the work has to be hung by then. I've spent most of yesterday and all of today in the gallery in Wigan helping out. This has somehow meant chips for lunch 2 days in a row, so much for the healthy eating, I did get out for a run yesterday evening but I fear the mileage was not sufficient to off-set the chips! 


Red Bike said...

Just chips? You're doing much better than me. I would probably of gone for fish chips and peas!

jumbly said...

Oh, ha ha ha, didn't mean to be misleading, the first day the chips were with a veggie burger and the second day with fish and beans. It was proper face stuffing.

kate said...

chips, beans and cheese-now that's a proper stuffing!
...looks good btw :)