Sunday, 19 July 2009

Pavement pounding

There is a lot slopping about inside my head at the moment, family stuff with added guilt. I didn't want a nice run ruined by the demons in my head so spotting a gap in the bad weather I just plugged myself into the iPod and pounded the pavement for a not too shabbily slow (for me anyway) 5km. Road running is normally something I hate, but there was something strangely cathartic in the monotony, the rhythm of the music and my own rapid breathing, serotonins doing their thing. My head pushed my legs faster than they thought they wanted to go, almost painful and I feel a lot better for it. 


Red Bike said...

Oddly I used to prefer road running to off-road. On the road I didn't have to concnetrate on where I was putting my feet as much as off-road; and I could just day dream and listen to the music instead of thinking about running.

Then again, I never used to run anywhere near as far as you!

kate said...

sounds like you've had a tough week. take your trainers with you :)