Sunday, 10 May 2009

A ride of a 1000 gates and 5 punctures.

In the car this morn for a quick drive north to ride with friends from Staveley. The plan was Staveley to Kentmere and then the Graburn Pass. Off we set via bridleways, through bluebell woods and some very muddy fields, seriously this section was the ride of a 1000 gates! 

Slow progress, not helped by a huge rain shower, although we were lucky this was the only one of the day. We finally made it to Kentmere, a quick lunch stop and then up and over the Garburn pass. This was a massive UP, a lot of pushing involved. 

The down on the other side I'm sure would have been worth it had I not been having bike issues, the front and rear triangles of my bike are now operating independently of each other, making movement in a straight line somewhat tricky! The others managed 5 puntures between 3 of them on the same descent. 

All good fun though. A quick jaunt along the road and we were back at the start, unfortunately too late for a big feed at Wilf's. Top day out.


Red Bike said...

You'll just have to learn to ride slower then you'll find most of the gates are open when you get to them ;)

The pics look great!

Julbags said...

I've only ever ridden down the Kentmere side of the Garburn pass, not in any hurry to take my bike for a walk up it. I have tried to run it that way and practically crawled (hot day though).

My Titus was doing some interesting rear triangle shimmying as it turned out all the bearings were shot, it was also out of warranty so no joy there. I got some new bearings from BETD and Jez replaced them, after much swearing! Rides as it should now, maybe you could try a bearing replacement unless there is something obviously terminal ?

jumbly said...

Red - hmm, I'll keep that in mind next time :0)

Juls - I just had the bearings replaced. The problem is a little more serious, the pivot bolts have worn the frame. It's all a bit horrible and getting worse with every ride, even with the new bearings. It's an ex-demo which is why I think I'm going to have issues with a warranty claim.

trio said...

They're not being imported anymore either are they? Which will make it harder. Keep pushing, it really shouldn't be terminal!

Looks a fab day! Although no feed at wilfs? I might have cried! Definetly a route I want to do!

kate said...

i never take my bike to the lakes, i don't know why! thank you for giving me some ideas ;)

jumbly said...

kate - there is so much good riding in the Lakes. Next time I'm heading that way I'll let you know and if you're free you'll have to come along.