Thursday, 14 May 2009


Blogging is currently suffering interference by deadline, well having a good time is suffering interference by deadline, and nothing fun happening means nothing to blog about. 16 days until final submission of all my work for the degree (the photo is of one of my pieces), then there are a couple of weeks of faffing with external examiners and an end of year show. 

So for the next 16 days it's mostly gonna be work, work, work, I am getting out for the odd jog/run when I need a break, but that's it, more or less same route every time, just differing speeds depending how tired, full of food, or pissed off I am. I am kept going by the lure of adventures this summer, some of which are all sorted and some still in the planning stage, the light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel. Fear not my 7 followers, normal service will resume the other side of the deadline, smell ya later. 


Groover said...

A little bit of blogging keeps you sane. Get your priorities right - will you!? :-)

Read ya when ya back ...

kate said...

less tea drinking and more art!