Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Not the only tweeter in the village

Yonks ago mattmagic mentioned he had some Mary bars for sale, I said I'd have them and promptly forgot all about it, until the aceness of Twitter, a few tweets led to a quick meet up at the village library today. Some Mary bars soon to be making an appearance on a little project I have in mind.

Other news - dissertation draft deadline met today. I'm glad the word draft is in there because I have bits missing, some bits that probably don't make sense, etc etc etc. Less time on twitter may of course have improved the quality of this draft. 3 weeks til it has to be in for real. As long as I scrape a pass I'm not sure I care anymore.


kate said...

what's this project you mention?

trio said...

Now you can't just say that and not tell us about the project!

Do they give you a mark for your draft so you know how much more work you need to do?

jumbly said...

The project is to re-build up my original single speed as a fun, whip around, nip to the shops on type bike, the sort you feel can be ridden in "normal" clothes.

Trio - no mark for the draft, just feedback on what more needs doing, which will I think be an extra chapter for me, I may have attempted to be too concise!

trio said...

Sorry what are normal clothes?

jumbly said...

Hmm, see that's sort of why I have the project in mind! I want to pedal to the shops for penny sweets and a copy of the Beano in my jeans, t-shirt and trainers. Not get changed in funny shoes, lycra and log my miles as training.

trio said...

Oh I don't log my miles for training but because I like pretty graphs!

If I ride into Bolton and that is normal clothes, then I still sometimes bring the garmin - Iknow geek!

Julbags said...

God I hated writing my dissertation, it seemed never ending though writing about the then as yet to come into existence European Central Bank was quite yawnworthy!

I have an old cycle computer on the Spesh, it only does the basics: distance, speed, time etc but the miles do add up. I don't bother recording them until it is at least 10 miles then just bucket it all together as errands.

I also like keeping track of it as its usually miles I'm not using my car for.

kate said...

i want to go on a sweet shop/beano ride....i need another bike ;)
well done on the writing stuff btw