Thursday, 19 February 2009

The knee

Took the right knee to the physio yesterday, yep, my self diagnosis was correct ITB very tight, and some other stuff going on, all muscle/ligament though nothing duff with the cartilage so fixable. An hour of pain as various bits of leg were mobilised. Recommended not to run last night so I didn't. Physio thought I might be OK for a run by tomorrow or the weekend as long as I take it steady. Fridays Edale Skyline plans with Kate are therefore postponed as are any hopes of trying out my Kahtoola microspikes on any specks of remaining ice over the weekend. More physio booked for Tuesday so hopefully be back out by next Wednesdays run club meet. I want new legs!


Julbags said...

Rest, rest, rest! It will get better by not running. I had a whole week completely off running and cycling when I had my ITB problems then actually quite sensibly for me built it up gradually, though I wasn't training for anything.

It sounds smug but when I get the inevitable injury from my marathon training you can get me back.

Julbags said...

Oh, I had my 3 monthly appointment with the chiro today. He has sorted out my stiff back but I have weak stomach muscles again and need to do lots of core. I have located my swiss ball and its flat as a pancake. So instead of blowing it up I had some wine tonight instead of doing anything at all (cos that will help).

trio said...

Damm knees!
Reminds me why I have to limit my running!
Julbags you sound like me, I've done no core work since December, must start again!

jumbly said...

Haha Julbags - I'm sure I read somewhere wine was good for a core workout....... no wait, I made that up, I like your style though, swiss ball flat, do you look for a pump or a corkscrew :0)

My knee problem stems from my mis-aligned pelvis. Left hand side sits funny so doesn't do what it should and when I run right knee has to compensate. It's been at its best when I used to to yoga/pilates. Should look into starting it up again, need a class where I like the teacher though, not always easy.

kate said...

spikes! you didn't mention spikes-we'll have to find some ice soon ;)

as it's turned out jane needs the for a work emergency, so i'm just doing a road run instead :(

jumbly said...

kate - yeah the Kahtoola spikes come highly recommended as a good addition to the pack for winter running, not full crampons but good enough to get through anything a bit sketchy. I'm hoping at some point to get you to show me the basics of using an ice axe too, what with you having been on the course!

Enjoy your road run.

Red Bike said...

Take it easy Jumbly. Knees and running just don't seem to go together!

* Fancy putting pictures of sandwiches up on your slideshow. I'm starving now!

Julbags said...

I've had pelvic problems, its why I started seeing the chiro. My sacro iliac joints were locked and he freed them off. I go every three months or so now but I haven't had a reoccurence for a couple of years.

Yoga is good, but getting time to go to a class is difficult. I will be doing some stretches tonight (and some core, I will!)