Sunday, 25 January 2009


Up to the Lakes for the weekend to ride with the rest of the girls I'm doing the Cairngorms with. I made a bit of a retail stop in Ambleside on Friday for some fell shoes and then drove on up to Watermillock (Nr Penrith) to one of the riders place. 7 of us in total by dinner time. A slightly later start on Saturday morning than planned and we were off to ride the Coach Road and then Keswick Loop No 1 (Pg 45 Lake Districk Mountain Biking, Essential Trails). Still some snow on the ground and the wind made the Coach Road quite tough, the Keswick Loop had some tough bits of climbing rewarded with some lovely swoopy downs. 22.7 miles total. Saturday night being close enough to Burn's night for us meant Haggis and whisky on the menu.

A predictably later than planned start to today and we headed out to do a bit of Askham fell above Ullswater. Rain and wind and not enough sleep or sandwiches had me take the early home option when it was offered. 17.3 miles total. Post ride pizza much appreciated.

A fantastic weekend, but made me realise I need to work on my stamina a bit before Scotland, where there won't be any home early options!


Red Bike said...

Great picture, great views.
(Any more?)

Did you take your new super dupper camera?

jumbly said...

More photos on my flickr page, click on the gallery thing over there --->. Although not many pics of the weekend as I forgot a camera entirely had had to use my phone for pictures. Not sure I'm brave enough to risk cycling with the new camera yet anyway!

trio said...

I need lots of bike training so I'll be up for miles whenever!

kate said...

look forward to seeing you new kit in action ;)

jumbly said...

Yep, I thought a little rucsac and some bouncier shoes might be needed for longer lakeland runs!