Thursday, 18 December 2008

Catch up

No blogging for a few days as I've been away. A few days in London and a visit to my sis on the way back. London was ace we did a load of touristy stuff, rode the London Eye, gawped at stuff in Harrods and Fortnum & Mason, ate roast chestnuts by the Thames etc. We saw Les Miserables, a big fave of Glyn's, it was good, but don't be thinking that's me converted to musicals, still all too much "show biz hands" for my liking. Also went to Tate Modern for the Rothko exhibit, I have mixed feelings on that, a bit disappointing if I'm honest, but I'm glad I went. Each individual painting is worth seeing but I'm not sure I buy the whole spiritual experience of the "Rothko Room." Was lovely to catch up with Meriel and Snowy who kindly let us crash at their place, like some fell running evangelist I began my conversion of Meriel to the joys of the peaty side of life by donating my only 2 runs old but too small for me Inov8's to her. Was also lovely to see my sis on the way back, not seen her since summer, too long this time between visits, I need to get my bum down there more often. We had a great few days away but it's nice to be home, especially since we got our Christmas tree tonight, for the first time in years I feel very much in the festive spirit, the mulled wine is possibly helping?!

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kate said...

hello! sounds like a great trip and a possible fell run convert too! really like that photo of london town