Friday, 7 November 2008


Despite looking a bit gloomy when I first got up the weather turned out to be proper Autumnal cool and dry. Did a really gentle 2 mile run before lunch as Flipper dog woke up in a hyper mood and her normal walk didn't seem to have done the job quietening her down. Also thought it would be as well to try my new trail runners out before racing in them on Sunday. 

A quick lunch and then I got out on the bike, a few spots of rain threatened but came to nothing as I took the cross-check for a bit of a weave around on the bridleways round Rivington area. I contemplated taking in the commonwealth down, but my legs were urging to me to keep a bit of something in the bank with riding tomorrow and racing Sunday so riding up it wasn't on the agenda. And the canti brakes just don't reassure me enough to think about rolling down it. Timed it so I just did my hour and home for a hot chocolate. 

Flexible schedule at the moment means I'm being able to ride while it's light and work in the evening. Next week is looking like it might be a more hectic so I hope I can stick with this 30/30 'cos I'm quite enjoying it so far.


trio said...

I've not got out yet, I have an ill Alison to look after so I think my ride will be in the dark! Seem to have ended up busy today.

sarah said...

Just back from my day 7 ride! Gray and damp here, but no showers. That is a great pic of your bike! Is that one of the bridleways? It looks so beautiful!

jumbly said...

Yeah, I'm really lucky to have such beautiful riding right on my doorstep.

kate said...

that photo is lovely!
good luck with the race on sunday.

jumbly said...

Thanks. The race is just a club thing so not one to be taken too seriously, with the extra bike miles in my legs I'll settle for completing the course without having to slow to a walk.