Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Autumn riding
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Took advantage of being able to work from home today to get my ride done in daylight. A gentle pedal along the canal towpath on the 'cross bike to Sweatshop and back to buy some high-viz kit. Opted for a really light weight Ron Hill mesh over vest thing, it'll go over whatever other bike or running kit I'm wearing. Be safe, be seen and all that. Glyn for definite will be a bit happier now about me heading out in the dark. I was a bit overdressed on my ride in full waterproofs and overshoes, looked worse from the window than it was once I was actually out there, I was sheltered from the wind though so that helped. Other news, I joined the FRA today, better actually run a fell race now hadn't I?


kate said...

the fra is well worth the membership just for the magazine. have you thought about this race:

trio said...

Take it you missed the hail then, I got caught by that cycling across bolton for an appointment!

jumbly said...

Kate - I don't think my navigation skills are up to that just yet. Are you doing it?

kate said...

hopefully, if jane's leg is fully recovered we'll do it as pair or solo if we've had an argument ;)
it's a great way to learn navigation and these events are really low key and friendly...think about it!