Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wednesday, so it's things runny!

Freezing all day so decided to hit the running shop and get some long tights, I normally run right through the year in 3/4's but today just had a real bite to it. Steered clear of ones with pink and baby blue on them, nice I'm sure if you only run on a treadmill but one drag though the mud and they'd be no more, so went for some very functional plain black Nike ones. Got sucked in by the shoes and grabbed myself a pair of Adidas Kanadias they've been getting very good reviews and I'm looking forward to getting out in them. 

Run club tonight, not a massive turnout, not surprising, as it started with some cold rain just before I left the house. Shortest route I've done with the club for a while as only 4.4 miles, was enough though given the weather. I was actually glad of the new long tights!

Millie (see picture) is still looking for a home. I am still working on persuading Glyn that we could take her. She's lovely, well behaved and loves running, so if anybody else thought they might have a corner for her give me a shout!


Rich said...

Definitely turned cold round here. I did a long ride on Monday with 3/4 bib shorts and tights over them. Can't say I was overly hot either.

trio said...

Millie is very cute!

I've been running in longs for the last couple of weeks, in fact I was back in 3/4's this week, but it is a little warmer in Cambridge where I was!

kate said...

glyn must have a heart of stone to say no to that face ;)