Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The South-East

We had a hectic weekend away in the SE, (Kent, London and Watford), a bit of work for Glyn and some fun bits too, I'll stick some photos on Flickr when I get a chance. Got back later than I'd have liked last night, the M6 through Cheshire was totally blocked so we came the scenic way! Crammed in a bit of reading last night before bed as I had my first dissertation tutorial this morning, went really well, lots of ideas to follow up.

Clocks changing has coincided with a cold snap and made everything feel really wintery it's going to need extra effort to keep getting out there for a run or a ride now. Staying in drinking tea and eating ginger biscuits seems so much more appealing for some reason!


kate said...

getting out in the cold earns you extra smug points which equals more biscuits ;)

jumbly said...

I need some serious smug points to offset the amount of Grasmere gingerbread I've been eating just lately, we just couldn't help ourselves in the shop and bought 3 packs! Run club tonight should help!