Monday, 6 October 2008

Run with unusually added speed work

Realised at just before 6 that if I was going to get a run in before dark I better get my butt out the door. One watch is without battery and the other couldn't be found so I loaded a 45 minute playlist onto the iPod thinking I'd be able to guess the mid-point and turn back for home. I set out along the trail, it was already seeming a bit dark under the tree cover, at some arbitrary point I reckoned I was half way through my playlist so turned back, arrived home with music still playing, fished iPod from pocket, 3 songs left! How crap at time guessing am I? Popped onto the field and did some speed work, sprinted half a football pitch, jogged half, repeated until the music ran out, now I know to some this would seem a bit pathetic but I NEVER do speed work. I'm going for a quick soak, then I absolutely must finish my homework 'cos it has to be handed in tomorrow!

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trio said...

I never do anything but just run. But I'll be making ali do some nice hard sessions over the following month. Especially as she is so damm fast!