Tuesday, 7 October 2008

deadline met so I slept

Finally got my dissertation proposal finished! Annoying though that although we have to submit work digitally and not doing so is an automatic fail, we still have to also hand in a paper copy, how mad is that? So I had to do 60 miles round trip in the car to hand something in that's already been e-submitted. College however, doesn't even pretend to give a shit about the environment, so at least there is no hypocrisy involved!  

I had plans for running when I got back, but I fell asleep and now I can't be bothered. I am going to run club though tomorrow so maybe I'll save some leg for that, we always seem to go slightly faster and further than my body is prepared for! I'm toying with entering a race on Sunday, but I'm scared, and I need to buy a club vest, which is extra scary, crap and unaffiliated is one thing, crappily representing an athletic club is another entirely. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid, or looking for excuses not to enter!?


kate said...

what's the race? doesn't matter just do it!

jumbly said...

A local race, Gin Pit 5, 5 miles of trails and tracks. I reckon I'll go for it!