Monday, 16 June 2008

It never rains....

but it pours, which isn't true because sometimes it does just rain, but right now it's pouring, not literally (it is June), but metaphorically! My mashed up knee is still giving me trouble. A week of rest and ibuprofen and it's still puffy and hurts to bend it, I haven't dared even try to ride a bike, pesky ligaments, what do they do anyway! On top of which my Gran has been taken into hospital, old and wobbily seems to have turned wobblier, running tests today, waiting to hear from hospital what the verdict is. Looking like I'll hire a car and drive down there tomorrow, Glyn too busy and needs the van hence a hire-car for me. Both of these mean the prospect of me making it to Mountain Mayhem this weekend are slim to nil, there goes my excuse to buy a new tent. I've let my team mates know, I feel bad about letting them down, but as Glyn said to me this morning when I was dithering about it all, "that's life" husbands can be so helpful at times!

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