Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Worthy of your eyeball

While out today Glyn and I both did a double take as we swore we saw a one armed, nun wearing a motorbike jacket. The streets of Wigan eh, well worthy of your eyeball! Sadly we were on our way to Jessops to purchase a new camera so there is no proof of this extraordinary sighting.

I have bought new running shoes which will be on my feet and heading up Winter Hill within the hour. Run Club report tomorrow.


trio25 said...

New trainers and a new camera you are a lucky girl. I was out on winter hill this evening but didn't see any runners.

jumbly said...

Didn't get a camera, just pricing up a dSLR, it's between the EOS 400D and the Nikon D40. Am a bit tempted to wait and see how much they are in China?

The new trainers made me extra speedy as I wasn't sliding in the mud this week. We ran up to Two Lads back down via Wilders Wood, top run!