Saturday, 22 March 2008

Noodles, peas, art and tangfastics

We went to Harrogate today as we had free tickets to the Northern Art Show. Relentless eating machine that I am I made us find food as soon as we got to Harrogate, the queue for Betty's was half way round the block so Yorkshire tea and a sticky bun were out of the equation. Next nearest place was Wagamammas. Never been in one before so we entered hesitantly expecting banal restaurant chain land. We were pleasantly surprised, service good, food good and not a rip off. Stomach suppressed we headed to the exhibition centre.

Art show turned out to be commercial galleries mostly displaying commercial work. Hard to be out-right critical as all the work in there was well executed, well presented, clearly well thought out and definitely well marketed. Most of the work left me feeling a bit cold, obviously there were exceptions. Clearly we weren't potential customers for anything in there, the money all seemed to be in the hands of the strangely orange skinned. Saving grace however was the fringe exhibition by students from Leeds. Some really good work, put me to shame. All of it absolutely first class.

While out and about managed to find a Japanese shop so stocked up on Wasabi peas, a grocery stop on the way back added some Tangfastics to the snack pile. The two together representing a serious assault on the taste-buds.

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