Saturday, 29 March 2008

A giant gulf

A huge gulf exists betweem the rider I am and the rider I want to be, and I have a feeling that no matter how hard I work I will never be the rider I want to be. I was as slow as molasses today, and it wasn't a difficult ride. Transwales looms in the distance and I have a feeling I have bitten off more than I can chew.


Tina Mammoser said...

Ah I think we all have that gulf! And no matter what our ability we see what we want to be always the same distance away. The best measure I found was some set quantifiable task - a certain hill, a certain piece of singletrack, a certain commute. And see how much faster or easier it seems once in a while. (not too often or you are too accustomed to it to judge).

As for Transwales, wouldn't you rather do it slow than not at all?

Oh, and don't underestimate your monthly cycle. I have quite specific molasses days. ;)

Simon said...

You'll be fine :)

jumbly said...

Thanks for the encouraging words :)

trio25 said...

You will be fine, it's just training. Last year I rode my first 40miles on road and it nearly killed me today I did 100miles and although my legs are sore I'm not too too tired.

We'll get back out on some big rides again and do some speed work and your confidence will come back. Unfortunately it'll be hard work but it'll be worth it!