Saturday, 9 February 2008

A Saturday of sleep and a run.

We took Flipper for a nice walk this morning by the river, was a bit muddy, but warm and sunny, very Spring like. Eggs and beans on toast when we got back. A proper Saturday morning. Then we both ended up back under the duvet, spark out, fast asleep. I felt really shitty when we got up, like we'd wasted most of the day, in a huge grump, super cross with myself for not making the most of the weather. Clearly I must have needed the sleep because I was out for the count as soon as my head hit the pillow, but I still felt bad about it. Made up for a bit and ran this afternoon a tad short of 4 miles, took me 44 minutes, a bit on the slow side. Had to walk a couple of times, partly knee trouble and partly extremely full bladder. Note to self big cup of coffee 30 minutes before running not a tip top idea! Good thing about running is when you get back, kick of those dirty shoes, stuff sweaty clothes in the laundry basket and that's it, post training clean up done in a second. No gear mechs to clean, no chain to lube etc etc. Something quite free about a run compared to getting the bike out. Plus I get to take Flipper out with me, she did need a bit of cleaning when we got back. I've had a bath and a big glass of Milo and somehow it's time to start thinking about dinner and the day is nearly over. 

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trio25 said...

How funny that we ran a similar distance. Although I measured mine in km! I think you were a little faster than me.