Thursday, 7 February 2008

Me an' Seasick just chillin'

No school today because our lecturer has gone to Oslo. So I'm having a chill out day at home, playing some music including a bit of Seasick Steve and Dead Texan. Would be more restful if I wasn't being pestered by Flipper who seems to be under the impression that she needs a constant supply of Bonio biscuits, considering she was puking on the bathroom floor at 5a.m she shouldn't be feeling quite so chipper anyway. The puking could have something to do with the left-over curry I fed her last night! The fax machine has also been a bit of an irritation as it seems to have gone into a bit of a meltdown and has tried to receive the same fax umpteen times, who sends faxes anymore? Email, c'mon people get with the digital revolution. I'm also trying to make a dent into the laundry mountain that seems to have accumulated, I keep giving wachine machine priority to my dirty bike kit and then never get round to the other stuff until poor Glyn is on his emergency Santa socks.

I'll probably do a bit of sketchbook scribbling too. Finally getting a bit more freedom at Uni. Have to write our own brief for what we want to work on for the coming semester. I've got a few ideas bobbling round in my head, I want to do some more work using repeated marks and patterns and how their addition and subtraction from a piece changes through time. That sounds a bit vague doesn't it, it's a bit clearer in my head. Probably mostly drawing and digital imaging, not too sure I see paint featuring, but never say never, I've not totally fallen out of love with the brush. I'd also like to carry on looking at taking drawing out of flat and static environment it's normally confined to, maybe some more bundles and stacks of drawings. See how it pans out. Need to write my 350 word brief for next week.

Pester dog is back with it's head on my knee! Blogging over. I think we'll have to go out for another walk, there's no way she can have another biscuit.

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