Monday, 14 January 2008

Some random comments on my day.

Ran 1.8 miles with Flipper this morning then cycled 9 mile roundtrip to Comet to collect my new camera, Olympus mju 790sw (shock and water proof). Hurry up and charge little battery so I can put it through it's paces. From the quick flick through the manual I'm sure I'm gonna like it, has some neat features that seem like they can be accessed without having to press 2000 function buttons. Still first ride out with on a wet day and we'll see if it lives up to the hype. 

I've been feeling permanently on the cusp of a cold, didn't ride Sunday because of it and then the germs didn't even have the decency to become anything proper, so I'm just ignoring the not quite symptoms and getting on with exercising, hence the run and ride today. Making sure I get lots of fluids and vit C just to help keep it at bay. 

Working at home today, well I say working, clearly I'm running, riding, and blogging. I'm not too confident about next weeks deadline, I just haven't done much work this semester. It's weird I've felt pressured to paint by the course structure when I only really want to draw and work digitally, and that pressure has sort of prevented me from doing anything, I've felt a bit stifled and restricted. I bought a new sketchbook that caught my eye this week, something about it's cover just made me think I'd like to work in it, it's quite small too so can easily go where I go. I've just started doing a few doodles and scribbles in that, nothing that I think is for Uni, more just for me, I'm hoping that just playing around in this way will get me feeling like I'm making some work. Plus trying to take more photos will hopefully give me some inspiration. 

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