Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Muddy run.

A night ride was planned for this evening but various other peoples commitments and ill health meant it ended up getting shelved. I planned instead to get out and ride on the road for an hour or so, but after an extended trip to the shops and various other faffs it never happened. Determined not to fail already on my New Years resolutions I went for a run. Ipod set to a mixture of speedy tracks and mellow tracks to keep my pace in check a bit I did a very comfortable 45 minutes on the old railway line towards Redrock and back. Slight twinge in right knee for the first 5 minutes but totally pain free after that. Took Flipper with me, she went into a ditch diving frenzy and got totally coated with mud, I stuck to the trail but managed to pick up my fair share of mud. Home and bathed and feeling really good now.

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