Friday, 8 June 2007

further mistreatment of this blog

I am so bad at keeping up with my blog just lately. In my defence, big pressure with end of term deadlines. All done now, all work has been submitted, graded and feedback given. I did well. Amongst all my pressure Glyn has been running round frantically trying to get tonnes of work done, the stove show is on next week and he has to get designs finished for that.

This Monday saw me getting yet another bike, a Marin wildcat trail, hardtail, lovely rockshox front forks, it's really to upgrade my ridgeback mx3, I was thinking about simply upgrading the forks on that but it wasn't much more to have a whole new bike, big reductions on it because it's the 04 model. I did 13 miles on it on Tuesday through Arley woods and down the canal bank to Haigh Plantation, lots of wiggly trails through the woods. Wore new newly acquired leg armour, no doubt looked a dweeb on the tow path but glad of it in the woods.

My ridgeback is going on long term loan to Meriel, who needs something with knobbly tyres because she, Snowy and I have all entered an offroad endurance duathlon how crazy are we? I'm really looking forward to it and have started my training log today. I was somewhat inspired to think I can push myself for extended periods of exercise by the fact I cycled all the way home from Blackpool on Wednesday, came along the coast through Lytham, Warton, into Preston where it all went a bit complicated, A6 was eventually found so came home the last bit on that through Clayton, Whittle and Chorley. 35 miles in total, took me about 3.5hrs so not speedy but not too shabby either. Bit of a sore bum and sore arms yesterday but legs fine. Ran a gentle 2 miles this morning just to stretch everything out a bit, no pains, so all good.

Bruce (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) is staying with us for the next 18 days, his paws are all sore from trying to keep up with Flipper. They are both asleep at the moment, one on each sofa in the front room, first bit of peace and quiet for what seems like weeks (he only arrived on Wednesday)! He's really cute. I'll take a picture and post up here.

That's about it for now.

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