Saturday, 12 May 2007

blog abandonment

I have not abandoned my blog, but I have been a bit neglectful of it. My excuse, erm, well I am quite busy with Uni work at the moment, end of year deadline approaching. So what's new? Random catching up as it comes to me in no order........

We went for a gentle cycle to Rivington the other weekend, not up to the Pike, Glyn is building himself up slowly, we went for a buttie, cake and drink in the Lower Barn and saw some members of the Bury visually impaired tandem club out for a ride, how cool is that?

We have also been out exploring on foot, found a nice walk up by Tockles, found a cracking bit of singletrack that I want to go back and cycle. More cake and tea that day too. No wonder I'm feeling pudgy!

I did a 10km run. Took about 64 minutes, cross country, and hot the day I did it. Not great but looks like I'll get round my 10km in Ironbridge in 60 minutes, still 6 weeks to train for it.

I've been a bit naughty on the bike buying front! I bought a Pashley on ebay. It's a delivery bike that's had the basket front chopped off and some cruiser bars fitted and it's sprayed purple. It was £50, what have I done? Well, it also came with it's original bars and I'm informed by Glyn that there is a powder coaters in Westhoughton, so a return to a more appropriate colour shouldn't be too tricky. And then it will be a beauty. It's massive, so I've named it The Behemoth. The saddle is an ancient brooks, worn in almost to the point of collapse, it's lush. I've spun round the rec' on it a few times and it rides nicely, it's been fitted with a shimano hub brake as the rod operated ones are long gone.

I've also bought a frame! A 15" Soma, horizontal dropouts, to be made up as a lovely single speed! It arrived this morning, although Parcelforce did their utmost to make sure I didn't receive it, that's the second time in as many months they've provided me with shitty service. The guy this morning gave ONE half-hearted knock on the front door and then was in the process of getting back in the van, no card having been left, I issued an Oi! from the upstairs window so he grudgingly got my parcel out of the van. The frame was immediately unpacked and inspected, it's gorgeous. Lovely service from Sorted Cycles, who sadly are going out of business. To go with the frame I've bought used Surly forks on ebay that I hope will complement it nicely, they've not arrived yet. I'm just going to buy all the bits over the coming weeks and try and build it up myself. I dare say I'll be in the bike shop for advice before the week is out!

And, no, not another bike, but I've bought some Hypnotic Designs Lefty Lucy knicks, a new shirt and some new gloves. I'm going on a CTC mountain biking skills improvement weekend in the New Forest first weekend in June, and well, a girl's always got to look her best.
What else............. we went up to Lancaster to the preview for an exhibition of Nick Kowalski (my painting tutor at Uni) at St Martins college, was really good evening. We've had a couple of trips up to the Lakes to see customers of Glyn's, but then obviously always find time for a potter about, and the obligatory slab of cake!
Off now for a run. I'll try and not be so neglectful, and post again soon. Oh no the heavens have just opened.

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