Monday, 19 September 2011

When good legs go bad

My left leg always used to be my good leg, it was never old lefties fault we were at physio. Never the left side that let us down in race, never faltering, just keeping on running.

Until this year. First it was the knee and now it's the hip.

Yesterdays 20 planned miles ended in a hobble after 15.5. My leg felt a bit tight as I left the house, but nothing I didn't think I could just run off once I got warmed up. 5 miles in and I took a walking break trying to adjust my stride a bit and get everything stretched out. 10 miles in and I got out my phone ready to ring for the broom wagon. I convinced myself I was just being a bit wimpy and put the phone away again. 13 miles in and I was properly hurting. A further mile to get a phone signal and a further 2 to a road where I could be rescued.

The marathon is 3 weeks away. I'm hoping some physio magic can be worked this week. Within myself I don't feel like I'm properly injured, just seized, does that make sense? I've been having a sports massage every month to try and stay flexible. I just feel though as if my hip joint right round to my groin has simply tightened to a point where the leg can't move freely.

Anyway, my right leg is my new favourite leg. And riding bikes is seeming ever more tempting again than this running lark!


KatieCake said...

Ouch! Poor you. But well done on carrying on and getting a excellent mileage in. (I know it wasn't what you planned but none the less its damn impressive!)

Anyway, hope that it starts to ease soon and that physio helps. I can't help but wonder if it's hurting as you have previously been using it more, compensating for the other legs issues. Anyway wishing it a speedy recovery.

kate said...

poor leftie. 3 weeks is plenty of time for recovery. keep up the pedaling to keep your spirits up :)

Ammonyte said...

Sounds like it could be the sartorius. I properly did mine in 2004 running the Notts half marathon. Haven't been able to run seriously since. :-(

jumbly said...

@Ammonyte - sorry to hear about your injury. You may be correct. I just looked up where the sartorius is and could have drawn a line of discomfort that exactly matched where the muscle runs. Hoping I've caught it in time and I'm just a bit over tight rather than properly broken :(