Thursday, 14 April 2011

Another two

Run club duathlon last night, a race, but a bit of fun. I was sensible. I went along with nothing more than a camera and performed cheering duties.

I did do my two mile loop before I went up to run club. I spent the second mile really thinking about the way I run. Trying to keep a nice stride, using my core and arms, managing my legs, focussing on my feet. It felt different to my usual thrash about. The knee felt ok, not perfect, not mended, but definitely improving. 


Jane said...
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kate said...

Keeping my toes crossed for you...... Sorry the above was being a moron

kate said...

Oh dear, sorry for totally hijacking your post. What I ment to say was 'I was being a moron'!!! But Jane also hopes your knee gets better soon!