Monday, 29 November 2010


Yesterday was the David Staff Memorial fell race over at Darwen. It's 5.2 miles and once you get the bastard hard uphill to the Tower out of the way, it's a really nice run. This was my first fell race in 2008, and I did it again last year. This year, though? My missing fitness, my missing mojo, my at-least-10lb-of-extra-belly. No chance. Except, a last minute change of heart. How the hell was I going to find my fitness, find my mojo and lose some belly if I stayed glued to the couch?

So, off I went. 18 seconds slower than last year. It was all a bit hurty. But, it was fun. I saw friends, I bumped into my mojo on a pretty stunning bit of hill. I had that, oh, yeah, this is why I like fell running moment. It always comes back eventually. Finished with a smile. Injury not aggravated. So glad I raced.


kate said...

Hang on to your mojo......marathon schmarathon need to do some reccys.....probably walking ones at the mo. :)

sally in norfolk said...

only 18 secs slower than last year ... a good result then :-)