Friday, 15 October 2010

Break the silence

Sorry for the blogio silence. Had a week away in Cornwall, great fun. Dogs had an amazing time on all the beaches, as did we, lots of good food, drink and a chance to hang with friends old and new, perfect.

Back to reality with a bump. Especially for Newton the dog, who having reached a healthy weight had his 'nad chopping op on Monday. He's wearing the cone of shame, a few days of whimpering and looking a bit sorry for himself, he seems fine now though. I'll be glad when he can go back to normal exercise regime, telling a lab that's only just discovered he can run that he has to take it easy for a bit is not a task we're enjoying.

As for my running, well, a week off in Cornwall, no running, just walking, and being shown some yoga stretches by our friend Lucy (she's an instructor) seems to have got me right round the injury corner. I ran a lovely 7 miles today and felt the best about my legs and fitness that I have done for ages. Just as well, as the entry form for a very big race is sitting on the desk waiting to be posted!


kate said...

have you posted it yet?

jumbly said...

Still on the desk.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

sounds like a great week away though vicki. sometimes a proper rest is just what we all need.