Monday, 6 September 2010

Two plus

Sometimes two plus two really is a whole lot more than four. Amazingly I persuaded Glyn into his trainers this morning for a two mile family run. This was done at a very sedate jog along chatting pace, which is just right for Glyn and just as importantly fat-dog Newton can keep up too. Out again this evening on my own for a slightly quicker iPod assisted two miles.

I know that's only four miles in my legs, that's nothing right? But, I feel great. That's the first bit of shuffle-running that's felt really good in an age. I stretched out properly after both runs, the twangy calf didn't react which means my achilles isn't under constant tension and being yanked painfully away from my foot. A few miles never felt so good.


kate said...

brilliant! keep stretching...
i too had my first pain free run today. only 3m but it feels good doesn't it :)

trio said...

Sounds great! I need to stretch hobbling round today!

Glad you got Glyn out again.